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Driven by our passion for groundbreaking entertainment, we found another way to impress our audience even further. This year, other than creating incredible gaming experiences with our online slots, we've taken upon presenting igaming enthusiasts with an unimaginable experience by sponsoring the most anticipated event - the official opening party of SBC Summit Barcelona! Our ice-themed opening party is bound to exceed all limits and expectations, and we are more than eager to see it through.

In the most recent interview with Zona de Azar, our Head of Marketing, Kateryna Goi revealed some interesting insider details about our groundbreaking party, sharing the idea and vision behind the ice-themed extravaganza, promising attendees an unforgettable and cool experience from the get-go. 

As we all know, these iGaming events are great for networking, which is the key to success in this industry. According to Kateryna, this year's opening party at SBC Summit Barcelona is strategically designed to go beyond entertainment, creating the perfect environment for networking and opening many doors for innovative collaborations and partnerships. 

During the interview, Kateryna revealed how attendees can get the most out of this iGaming event, and she even touched upon her favorite part of the entire opening party. If you're interested in the hottest insider details that our Head of Marketing revealed regarding SBC Summit Barcelona's opening party, you can read the full interview HERE

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